The Age of Reason

As with Common Sense, which helped kick off the American Revolution, The Age of Reason was an immediate hit. His irreverent skepticism regarding organized religion has influenced contemporary writers such as Christopher Hitchens, who so revered Paine that he’s recently released a book about him.

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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

(1 days ago) Considered one of the first real autobiographies in American literature, Ben’s “memoir” as he called it began as a collection of anecdotes for his son, but was later transformed into a complete book. Get down with one of America’s best-loved forefathers in his renowned autobiography.

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The War of the Worlds

(8 days ago) Description. H.G. Wells coined the term “Martian” for his super-influential 1898 sci-fi classic War of the Worlds, in which England is set upon by spooky “cylinders” from Mars. At first the aliens looked pretty weak, until they busted out their gangly black-smoke-shooting tripod fighting vehicles. This book has left its mark on fiction

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Gulliver's Travels

(4 days ago) To this day, the classic Gulliver’s Travels places Jonathan Swift as the master of both parody and satire. Fifteen years in the making, his book was published anonymously due to fear of prosecution. And rightfully so, as it basically made fun of everyone: the State, the Church, Big Science and the Aristocracy. It was an immediate smash hit.

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The Communist Manifesto

(Just Now) The Communist Manifesto is attributed to both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, though Marx gets most of the credit for writing one of the world’s most politically significant documents. It details the nature of the class struggles between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, and the problems with capitalism. It is a little cited fact that Marx

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