Ebook: How to Build a Mobile App Intellectsoft US

E-BOOK How to Create a Mobile App: Step-by-Step Guide Whether you are thinking about creating your first app or your fiftieth, our comprehensive guide has easy-to-digest explanations, hands-on worksheets, and industry insights that …

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Mobile App Development Guide Intellectsoft US

(3 days ago) AFTER READING THIS BOOK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: Better understand your audience and whether you need a mobile app ; Identify necessary tools and technologies to pick the best approach; Match app features to user needs, as well as prioritize the production processes

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16 Hotel Technology Trends to Watch in 2021 Intellectsoft

(9 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has radically changed the state of affairs in various areas, especially in the traveling industry. While staying in hotels, tourists are concerned about their health, safety, and comfortable living during their trip. So, all the hotels are applying different improvements

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Banking Industry Trends to Watch in 2021 Intellectsoft

(9 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. 2020 was a transforming year as a global humankind crisis completely disrupted our world and caused a lot of hustle and turmoil in every industry. It has an immense impact on all spheres of our lives and the current world is still facing many challenges.

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Key IoT Opportunities in Insurance in 2021 — Intellectsoft

(6 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. The digital transformation of the insurance industry is gaining momentum, by taking into account the growing popularity of machine learning and cloud computing technologies. Notwithstanding the introduction of these technological enhancements, the overall industry remains mainly conservative still.

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The future of cloud computing in healthcare: 2021 and …

(5 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Cloud computing is one of the leading trends in digital transformation for 2021. Leading tech companies like IBM, Dell, and Iron Mountain have already been offering this technology, but the increased usage of online tools since the pandemics is about to increase its popularity even more.

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Energy management system overview: 2021 perspective

(1 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. The innovations rule the world, Deloitte observers report that the transition towards cleaner energy and greater sustainability is unstoppable for energy and industrial companies. Nevertheless, it’s not always easy to switch the huge traditional industrial facilities into eco-friendly ones in one day.

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Your Basic Guide to Mobile App Architecture in 2021

(9 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Business enterprises from all over the world are focusing on building the apps to reach their target audiences more simply and proactively, solving their problems, and collaborating with a shared purpose. Although the competition is fierce nowadays. According to Statista, as of the first quarter of 2021

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Top 10 Video Streaming Platforms Gaining Most Viewers …

(8 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Today at times of worldwide quarantine we can enjoy the results of technological progress more than ever. One of them is online video streaming platforms. There is a great demand for this type of services as cinemas and theatres are closed, as well as conference halls. People still need the entertainment to

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Predictive Analytics in Finance: 2021 and The Future

(7 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Since 2020, the positions of predictive analytics in finance have become more sound. PwC calls this technology “the future of financial software,” meaning its ability to provide more accurate planning and cost-effectiveness. And that’s exactly what the world needs today.

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Detailed Overview

(2 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. The COVID-19 pandemic sudden outbreak has affected every industry, business, and organization. But the magnitude of the crisis has disturbed the healthcare industry the most. First and foremost, because this is a human tragedy, affecting their health and lives. It is also pushing front line healthcare

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Healthcare Trends in 2022-2025 — Intellectsoft Blog

(Just Now) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. By the end of 2021, the healthcare industry demonstrates openness to changes and new technological enhancements, given the great number of challenges it has to overcome. At the same time, healthcare practitioners approach innovation differently. Some providers have already started their journey towards

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Benefits and Use Cases of Big Data in Healthcare

(2 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. According to the PwC survey, 91% of surveyed people have used video virtual care and are likely to do it again, and 66% of them would participate in remote clinical trials. Therefore, society is getting used to the presence of technologies in everyday life and is learning how to benefit from them. On the

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Construction industry trends in 2021

(6 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Compared to the severe difficulties and obstacles faced by the hospitality and travel industries, the engineering and construction sector stepped out of the pandemic crisis in a better state.

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Smart Room Solution [ Extensive Guide ] — Intellectsoft Blog

(6 days ago) Thanks to IoT devices, a smart room appears as an app that helps guests find, book, pay, and control their hotel stay on site on their smartphones or through a single smart hub. The popularity and number of features inside smart room solutions are growing, making the app or the smart hub more and more accurately designed to make booking a hotel

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A Comprehensive Guide to Application Migration

(5 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Imagine the situation: you have just bought a new apartment. No doubt, this fantasy can make you feel happy immediately. But once you elaborate on this idea, you meet a little fly in the ointment: relocation. Specifically, you need to take all the furniture, interior decorations, and vibe of your apartment

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All You Need To Know About Wearable Technology in Healthcare

(9 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Two hundred fifty thousand measurements per day, 80% and higher accurate measurements saving people’s lives already — is wearable technology in healthcare a secret ingredient to our longevity? Let’s find about the empowering opportunities humanity can seize with innovative tech solutions.

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Retail Digital Transformation: The Future of the Industry

(6 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Coronavirus highlights the need to transform traditional retail industry approaches to doing business. Especially when the “world’s factory”, China, is itself spiraling in the confusing and complex global reaction. COVID-19 forces the retail industry to rethink and transform their models digitally.

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e-book How Much Does It Cost to Create a Mobile App

(Just Now) The mobile app market is currently experiencing a massive growth spurt. The reason for this is quite obvious. A well-built mobile solution will generate traffic and revenue. If you are aimed at success, you should consider mobile app development. The question is …

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Machine Learning for Financial Fraud Detection

(1 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. To start with, machine learning (ML) is now one of the most advanced technologies that are widely applied to different industries. Basically, that’s because it has high effectiveness, provides valuable benefits, and enhances the processes automation to ensure better performance for any industry.

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What is a Solutions Architect’s Role: Complete Guide

(3 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. In our rapidly evolving world driven by new realms, organizations feel the need to change their operating methods and techniques to face the emerging business challenges and fluctuating customer demand. In other words,

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Software for construction project management

(6 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. The construction industry is one of the hardest areas for effective project management. Normally, it deals with sophisticated tasks and numerous stakeholders involved, which makes timely and accurate delivery of project aims very hard to achieve.

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Digital Dental Transformation in 2021 — Intellectsoft Blog

(5 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. The dental industry is traditionally fragmented. Inability to transform dental operations lies in the fact that the specialists are accustomed to high prices and uncertain utilization levels of critical devices such as scanning and milling. All these factors force dentists to stay away from any technology

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eCommerce Order Management Software — Intellectsoft Blog

(1 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us The global forecast by MarketsandMarkets has indicated that the order management market size will grow from $2.3 billion in 2021 to $3.9 billion by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% during this period.

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Digital Transformation in Banking: Advantages and Challenges

(9 days ago) Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Transformation In Banking. Digital transformation of the banking institutions brings a lot of new opportunities for the customers, individual ones, small companies, and huge corporations, as well as banks themselves. Clever strategy and constant improvements can result in a number of advantages: Convenience.

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Operations Excellence and Cost Efficiency in Insurance

(8 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. According to Deloitte Insights, insurers adapt to growth in a volatile economy. And that is true as the insurance industry remains resilient, continues to generate growth, and maintains overall profitability worldwide despite turbulence in the global economy.

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Choosing the Best Framework for Mobile App Development (2021)

(3 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. In the era of smartphones, mobile app development is peaking across categories. Whether it is a game, a lifestyle app, or a retail application from a big name company, end users have a lot of digital products to choose from to fulfill their different needs. As a result, the market has become highly

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AI and Blockchain in Insurance: Top 2021 Use Cases

(2 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. In recent years, the perspectives of AI and blockchain in insurance have become more attractive. Regardless of industry, more corporate CEOs have started seeing numerous possibilities in these technologies to gain greater operations automation, processes facilitation, and competitive advantage excellence.

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Secure FinTech App Essentials — Intellectsoft Blog

(Just Now) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. These days, FinTech attracts heavy investment: from $12.7 billion in 2020 to $23.4 billion in 2021. This means a significant shift in the financial industry structure, calling businesses to introduce …

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Java Reactive Programming: Meaning, Examples, Advantages

(7 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Java Reactive Programming: Something Old, Something New. Over time some concepts can fade away but later return as new ones as they are applied in the new environment. The same thing has happened with reactive programming. The term has been introduced to the IT world back in the 1960-70s, and …

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Ukrainian Software Developers: Outsourcing Guide

(9 days ago) For instance, the average offshore development rates for this region range from $30 to $60 per hour. However, the overall software development outsourcing Ukraine rates may vary according to the work experience of a certain candidate: Hourly rate for Junior Software Engineer: $19 – $25. Hourly rate for Middle Software Engineer: $26 – $38.

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Insurance Agency Accounting Software Intellectsoft

(2 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. Like many other areas, the insurance industry implies using powerful software for successful business managing. Various systems are applied to enhance the connection between the insurance agency and the loyal customers or potential clients. Additionally, the process’s automation significantly improves the

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Elderly Care: Top Tech Trends that Reshape the Future

(4 days ago) The number of consumers using virtual visits rose from 15% to 19% from 2019 to early 2020, and the figure jumped to 28% in April 2020. In a long run, healthcare spending is expected to rise at a CAGR of 4% over 2020-2024, while between 2015-19 it was 2.8%. The seniors used to prefer face-to-face appointments, but due to the worldwide pandemic

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How to Use Blockchain in the Pharmaceutical Industry

(7 days ago) The pharmaceutical industry is not an exception. According to Statista estimations, general international spendings on blockchain solutions is expected to rise to $5.9 billion by 2023. In addition, Deloitte has provided a survey on the use of this innovation, and 83% of respondents said their businesses would lose their competitive advantage if

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7 Key Cloud Migration Risks and Ways to Avoid Them

(7 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. According to Deloitte, the essential goal of cloud migration is the constant reinvention of the business. With innovation, you can gain extra opportunities and change the business dynamic for your own good.

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Potential of Big Data in Hospitality Industry Intellectsoft

(8 days ago) The Big Data Challenges for the Hospitality Industry. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, data and analytics could create value worth between $9.5 trillion and $15.4 trillion a year if embedded at scale — and a considerable number of that is given to the hospitality industry.. Nevertheless, big data implementation still has to resolve various challenges in this …

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Accounting Software Development Basics — Intellectsoft Blog

(7 days ago) Consequently, the growing market for accounting software solutions has significantly influenced its further development: in 2020 the total value of the accounting software market was estimated at $12.01 billion and, at a CAGR of 8.5% within the next 5 years, is expected to reach $19.59 billion by 2026. The main reasons for the increasing demand

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Chatbots in Healthcare Industry — Intellectsoft Blog

(8 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. At present, with the AI market rapid development, the importance of chatbots in healthcare becomes more and more obvious. According to recent AI industry research, healthcare and media exhibits are expected to obtain the highest growth prospects by 2026.

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Tips on How to Avoid IT Outsourcing Failures

(2 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. By the end of 2021, the worldwide market value of IT services the companies delegate to the IT outsourcing vendors is expected to reach over $413.72 billion, according to Statista. And, the IT outsourcing trend will only increase in the upcoming years, with an annual increase of about 5% each year.

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Clutch visited our offices to review Intellectsoft

(6 days ago) Book a Consultation Now! Contact us. is a portal dedicated to helping companies find the most suitable software developer. Clutch has earned the trust of IT decision makers with its extensively researched rating of hundreds of development companies. To take their rating system a step further, Clutch will start visiting company offices

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