16 Real Estate Books Every Agent and Broker Should Read

Her book offers much of the counsel she shares at conferences and seminars, but with just as much punch. Follow her real estate book’s advice about being your true self all of the time — including and especially when dealing with leads and clients — and you’re guaranteed to grow your database and close more deals.

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The Ultimate Guides to Buying and Selling a Home [Free …

(6 days ago) The Ultimate Guides to Buying and Selling a Home [Free Ebooks] Providing housing advice to leads and clients is one of the primary functions of real estate agents today. To stand out from competing industry pros in your market who offer similar counsel to home buyers and sellers and prove your real estate agent tips are the most helpful for

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Million Dollar Real Estate Marketing Playbook

(1 days ago) A five-chapter guide that explains the business practices and tools that the top real estate agents all use, how to assess your own market and determine the best path for increasing your share, step-by-step instructions for developing your marketing and outreach strategies, and actionable advice from some of the highest-producing million-dollar

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Considering Placester for your business

(Just Now) Book a demo and supercharge your website with Placester. Shayla Body. Creative Director at Atoka Properties. The Codeless website editor offers flexible features that allow us to place things exactly where we want them to be, apply our brokerage colors throughout, and so much more. The ability to customize with Placester is absolutely essential

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The Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Agent Recruitment and

(6 days ago) Within the ebook, you’ll have access to several other helpful real estate agent recruitment and retainment resources to help you find top producing industry pros to join your team. Download The Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Agents today to find out how to build the best brokerage possible.

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Free Real Estate Buyers Guide Ebook Template [Download]

(5 days ago) We worked with a bunch of seasoned real estate professionals to save you the trouble and come up with this fantastic ebook template, “The Real Estate Buyers Guide.”. It’s available as PDF, Keynote, & PowerPoint files. You can use these templates for free, without attribution.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Home Placester

(4 days ago) What you’ll get: Our “Ultimate Guide to Selling a Home” in three different formats, a 23-page ebook that walks sellers through everything they’ll need to know to sell their house (including arguments for why they’ll want to hire an agent), with the ability to customize the guide to your brand’s standards. Submit. 23.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home Placester

(1 days ago) A comprehensive 28-page home buyer’s guide in three different formats that you can easily customize, plus instructions for how to change the template to suit your brand and personality, down to the logos and typefaces or fonts you prefer to use. Start your free Trial. No commitment, no credit card required.

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20 Memorable Ways to Show Real Estate Clients You Love …

(8 days ago) A custom guest book for the house is a great option, too.” 3) Take the housewarming party to the streets. The term “housewarming party” doesn’t necessitate the festivity to …

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[eBook] The Beginner’s Guide to Being a Real Estate Agent

(6 days ago) Start Out Smart. In this long-awaited update to our most popular guide ever at the Academy, we show you how to set realistic goals for success and hit the ground running as a new real estate agent. This eBook will show you: How to decide where to work as a new agent. How to start developing a list of clients and leads.

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The Best Real Estate Website Design: 24 Examples

(5 days ago) The map at the bottom of the page showing where the agency’s offices are located statewide is especially a nice touch. You won’t find many better real estate website designs than this. ‍. EWM Realty International. ‍. Full-bleed images as part of a real estate website design is a relatively new fad among industry pros.

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Real Estate Open House Sign-In Sheet: Free Template Download

(8 days ago) By creating a great open house sign-in sheet, you can maximize the impact of your open house events and generate a new stream of buyer leads. Download the Sign-In Sheet Template. ‍. Great marketing is all about customization, and we’ve created 3 free downloadable real estate open house sign-in sheet templates.

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The 20 Best Real Estate Listing Presentation Tools

(Just Now) Available on iOS and Android devices, so you can fine-tune your presentations on the fly. 4) Prezi. Price: Public plan is free; Enjoy plan is $59/year; Pro plan is $159/year. ‍. One of the more popular listing presentation software options among real estate agents and firms is Prezi — and it’s very easy to see why.

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[120 Tactics & Strategies]

(Just Now) 6 Real estate marketing fundamentals Chapter 1 Picture this: in 2019 there were 5.34 million existing homes sold plus 682,000 newly constructed homes, according to the National

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Real Estate Agents’ Secret Weapons: 18 Must-Have Items on

(5 days ago) 17) An E-reader, Book, or Magazine. After all, there’s bound to be some downtime in between listing showings and client meetings. Take some time to unwind with the latest popular fiction novel or your favorite magazine.

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5 Ways to Prove You’re a Local Real Estate Expert

(7 days ago) 3. Join (or start) a community Facebook Group for locals. ‍. There are Facebook Groups for just about everything these days: ones for fans of certain celebrities, ones for pro sports teams — even ones for buyers and sellers to get advice from (you guessed it) local real estate experts.

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Lead Nurture Formula for Real Estate Marketing Success

(Just Now) Sign In Book a demo Start free trial. Schedule your demo. Get the most out of your NAR Website. Placester offers pre-written real estate blog posts to help agents expand their audiences and promote their expertise. Learn more about premium websites. Capture new leads generated at your open houses.

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Get the real estate website you’ve always wanted Placester

(8 days ago) It’s easy to do it yourself and even easier to have it done for you. On-demand assistants, robust customization, and loads of back office controls. Free 30-day Trial. Types: Broker websites, team websites, agent websites, REALTOR® websites.

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Book a Zoom call

(5 days ago) Book a Zoom call. Get immersive in-office collaboration right from home and take your first steps in the world of real estate with the expert you can put your faith in. You made the right decision, just select a time that works best. I'll guide you through everything you need to know!

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Real Estate Business Plan

(6 days ago) The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Real Estate Business Plan. Developing a real estate business plan is critical to forming a healthy and sustainable business. A study of 2,877 business owners found that companies are twice as likely to secure loans and funding if they have a business plan, and 75% more likely to grow: ‍.

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The Essential Guide to Twitter for Real Estate Marketing

(3 days ago) The Essential Guide to Twitter for Real Estate Marketing. You really can’t have the perfect real estate marketing mix without making social media a strong part of your online presence. And that means you’ll have to consider each of the top channels. Twitter is considered by many real estate pros as the social network to use for branding

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10 Tips for Writing Great Real Estate Social Media Bios

(Just Now) A recent study by Business Insider revealed that Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, which amounts to about 27 percent of every hour. And if you think this applies to just young people, reconsider: 72 percent of 30–49 year olds, 60 percent of 50–60 years olds, and 43 percent of those 65+ are active on social media sites.

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How to Create Facebook Real Estate Ads: A Beginner’s Guide

(7 days ago) Follow these steps to create a Facebook real estate ad to increase conversions on your website: Step 1: Creating Your Campaign. In the Create Ads section, click on the “Increase conversions on your website” category. In the blank field, add your website URL, which can be a homepage, listings page, or landing page, etc.

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20 Useful Real Estate Social Media Groups for Agents

(3 days ago) The REASN group is devoted to aiding agents in their quest to master social media for real estate, engaging in relevant conversations, discovering new prospects, and moving leads down the pipeline. Specifically, group participants learn about tools that help identify and convert leads through social outlets.

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Meet Marc Davison, Co-Founder of 1000 Watt Consulting

(Just Now) P: What is the one book that you recommend our community should read, and why? “Guns, Germs and Steel,” by Jared Diamond. It’s an anthropological study of mankind over the last 30,000 years. It provides a deep look inside what makes different people and cultures progress, while others do not.

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The Ultimate Real Estate SEO Guide (with Strategies, Tips

(8 days ago) Tips #1-4: Local SEO for Real Estate Agents. It is critical for local businesses to get listed in Google’s 3-pack. Taking up half the screen space, users pay more attention to search results that feature snapshots, ratings, reviews, and Google Maps directions.

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100 Real Estate Definitions for Beginner Agents

(5 days ago) Grantee and Grantor‍. This is a fairly straightforward real estate definition: A grantor is the home seller who transfers their deed to a grantee, the home buyers. According to The Balance, there are different types of deeds a grantor can convey to a grantee — this will vary from state to state.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Real Estate

(Just Now) The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Real Estate Facebook Profile. In 2011, roughly 80% of real estate agents were using Facebook regularly as part of their real estate marketing — nearly double the amount using the next most-popular social media channel. Given how much the social network has grown as a tool for real estate professionals

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How to Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar

(9 days ago) In “Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar,” we lay out a clear plan for you to elevate your marketing game to the likes of the industry’s most well-known, top-producing pros — ones who continually build upon their branding and bottom lines with increasingly savvy marketing plans.

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The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Niche Marketing

(5 days ago) The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Niche Marketing. To become a successful real estate agent, you can’t go after every home buyer and seller. You have to target a few specific real estate niches in which you’ve proven an ability to close deals. These target audiences, property types, and price ranges may not be the ones you envisioned

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40 Tips to Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next

(2 days ago) The key to winning online today, Lance noted on the podcast, is constructing a digital marketing strategy that helps you earn new, high-quality leads with regularity, and nurturing those prospects through your funnel — and she’s absolutely correct. While a dedicated, long-term vision for your real estate marketing plan is vital, Lance added it’s also wise to pay attention to the latest

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Personal Branding: The Complete A to Z Guide to Doing It

(5 days ago) Before you dive into the A to Z Guide to Personal Branding, start with these six exercises. They’ll help you build a brand that represents who you are at your core — a brand you can be proud of. Make a list of the adjectives you want people to repeat after they meet you, talk to you, see or read about you.

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15 Real Estate Facebook Lead Gen Ideas for Agents [Ebook]

(4 days ago) 15 Real Estate Facebook Lead Gen Ideas for Agents [Ebook] Using Facebook for real estate isn’t just an optional marketing tactic. It’s just as important as optimizing your IDX website, sending email campaigns, and other regularly conducted activities for your agency. Facebook is a unique channel agents can use to connect with their fans

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The Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Every Real Estate

(3 days ago) This is where our new content marketing editorial calendar template becomes super valuable! This free template is designed to keep you on track as you create content for your real estate blogging needs that your fans, prospects, and customers will find useful and fall in love with.

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How to Use Canva to Create Beautiful Graphic Images

(7 days ago) Creating text can be done in a number of ways. You can utilize the supplied banners or place text boxes where you need. For the second option, drag your text box onto your slide, placing it where you want. Select the box and a text editing bar will appear. Here you can change font, size and color of the text.

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Meet Jared James, Bestselling Author and One of the Most

(4 days ago) Motivational powerhouse Jared James talks about measuring success, breaking patterns, and finding your unique DNA. As a Realtor, Jared James built one of the largest and fastest-growing teams in the country; was inducted into the International Hall of Fame for the world’s largest real estate company; wrote a best-selling book; and was voted #1 Realtor in the USA under the …

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101 Amazing Blog Post Ideas For Your Real Estate Website

(9 days ago) Here’s the list of amazing blog post ideas for your real estate website: 101 real estate content marketing ideas. Imagine the future of real estate and discuss how current trending issues might evolve. Create a slideshow of the most expensive homes sold in the last 30 days.

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Real Estate Cold Calling Script Placester

(4 days ago) Real Estate Cold Calling Script | Placester. We’ve collected 12 different sales scripts (including openings and responses) based on the type of clients you’re cold-calling and their specific needs to help you take control of the dialogue and give you confidence that you do know what to say.

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[Infographic] The Secret Life of a Real Estate Agent

(2 days ago) Some agents focus on particular markets, others specialize in specific property types, others specialize in specific transaction types, and the list goes on and on. To provide some insight into the daily lives of real estate agents, we’ve put together this new infographic: The Secret Life of a Real Estate Agent.

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Meet Caroline Bass, SVP of Citi Habitat and The Hardest

(3 days ago) This book is amazing and every real estate person should read it. I was introduced to it in business school and once you read it, you’ll see why. P: What is your favorite gadget, app or piece of software that helps you every day? CB: My favorite tool is an electronic laser tape measure. Often in New York City, we’re not given floor plans or

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Seth Price Interviews Lee Odden, Author of Optimize and

(3 days ago) From the book “Optimize” by Lee Odden ‍ I was introduced to Lee Odden first through his blog, and most recently through his book, Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.This is the first book to outline a straighforward approach to what is now called “Holistic SEO” Traditionally SEO has …

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eBook Marketing: The Content Wrangler’s Guide [Infographic]

(3 days ago) It’s not because they look good. Rather, it’s because eBooks are a repeatable marketing activity that drives revenue to the bottom line. When done correctly, eBooks present content marketers with infinite possibilities for repurposing content into SlideShares, webinars, blog posts, and infographics like the one below.

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Meet Greg Hoffmeister, Co-founder and Managing Director at

(1 days ago) This book gives the reader insight into a new, leaner, more efficient way of conducting business. There is good advice for anyone running a business, and for those providing service, it heightens your awareness for how a new breed of companies will be operating in the future.

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