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The book which you are about to enter was developed to support, inspire, motivate, draw attention to and raise quality of youth work. This Handbook is part of the support system for youth workers, youth leaders, youth educators, youth organizations and institutions who care

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Empowering Youth -Strengthening Community …

(9 days ago) This multimedia book is a dissemination tool and a useful resource for youth workers, program leaders, facilitators and was created during the Empowering Youth –Strengthening Communities project: 01.08.2015-1.01.2016 , funded by European Union through Erasmus Plus Program

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(5 days ago) The book describes how to use gamification and non formal methods to activate citizens and promote inclusion and integration of migrants. It was created inside the Europe for citizens project Citizentime and contains good practices from 7 countries: Portugal, Romania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland and Malta.

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Mindfulness & Nature

(Just Now) this book This publication responds to the grow-ing abuse of permanently connected technological devices in addition to the decreasing contact youngsters, as well as adults, have with nature, by providing innovative and inclusive non-formal ed-ucational tools for interested youthwork - ers, facilitators and educators.

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(9 days ago) Exercises included in this book are suitable for young peo-ple, starting from the age of 15, and adults. Exercises can be adapted for younger people and children. You can make them easier or more complicated by removing or adding some rules. For …

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(1 days ago) 3 ooklet on ‘’HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR ALL’’ training course Y-31-32-2013-R3, Larnaca 29/6/14 – 6/7/14, Larnaca-Cyprus by NECI INTRODUCTION The Booklet ‘’Healthy Lifestyle for All’’ is an outcome of the YiA funded project

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(1 days ago) Assistant of the Coach’ throughout the book, bringing additional colour and a little sunshine into the reading. So, let PACo invite you now to take the first steps into the Coaching Youth Universe. î Feedback is welcome at [email protected] Welcome to ‘Coaching Youth Initiatives’

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MODULE 1: Understanding e-commerce. The role of e …

(4 days ago) marketplace for books, Book Stacks Unlimited. Originally the company used the dial-up bulletin board format, but in 1994 the site switched to the internet and operated from the domain. 1995 saw the launch of Amazon, introduced primarily as an e-commerce platform for books and that same year, Pierre Omidyar introduced

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Presented by Eleanor Fitzgerald

(9 days ago) 4 ï E- B OO K OF ID 4 EAS F OR 4 E-book is result of Erasmus+ KA1 project "ReInEvent it" funded by European Union which was held in Bansko, Bulgaria from 4th to 10th of August 2019

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Volunteering in Georgia A Handbook

(2 days ago) book addressing those three basic challenges encountered by any volunteer: daily life, cultural differences and working in a Georgian organisation. At the end further readings and other resources can be found widening information on Georgia, …

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(1 days ago) This book endorses a definition of youth work as ‘a sum-mary expression for activities with and for young people of a social, cultural, educational or political nature. Increasingly, youth work activities also include 07. sports and services for young people. Youth work …

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Understanding uth tity and ork

(4 days ago) book is never exactly the same as a method facilitated with a group. You will always have to adapt to the young people you are working with, the size of the group, the level of previous reflections and the following steps in your programme. This is also the reason why we do not mention any timing; the time you will need depends

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GrouP BooK ProFIle Gallery

(5 days ago) GrouP BooK ProFIle Gallery Material – A4 papers (half number of the group size),Pencil and Pens. Target Group – not specific Size Group – from 7 up to 40 persons Duration – Depends of the Size of the group, but normally for 25 persons it takes 60m Development (arrange the room with chairs and tables in line for half number of the group – put a A4

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A methodology for international youth work

(3 days ago) The book you are reading at the moment is mainly a collection of methods useful in youth work. But rather than just offering a collection, we aim at something more. No method is perfect in itself; no method will work exactly as it’s been written.

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- Def EVS Adventure Travel Book 5

(5 days ago) EVS Adventure travel book European Voluntary Service (EVS) in southern mediterranean countries neighbouring EU includes Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. EVS in this particular region provides a great opportunity to build a common ground for youth from both

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(1 days ago) 100% Youth City Book Changing Systems Growing & Scaling Delivering & Implementing Making the Case Developing & Testing Generating Ideas Opportunities & Challenges. 100 20 1 IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS TO ENGAGE ON EUROPEAN YOUTH FRIENDLY CITIES. 23 100 22 The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is the platform of

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Trainers’ Competences within EuroMediterranean Youth Work

(3 days ago) 4 1. Introduction - EuroMed youth work in context A brief background - The EuroMediterranean framework The Barcelona Process is the result of the political will of originally 27 partners

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StorieS for inSight There is a hidden sTory behind every human

(5 days ago) you an e-book with stories of 10 young people from six different countries in your hands. This handbook was written by attendants of Youth Exchange, who dedicated their time during last June, 2018 to explore various topics in the frame of our project Living libraries as a tool to eliminate extremism among youth.

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(7 days ago) Book of Guidelines and Checklists. Practice listening skills and try to encourage other to work towards overcoming personal limitations and challenges. Give examples from your background experience (how you have managed to solve a problem or improve a personal trait). Step 6 Change partners and receive another feedback. In the best-case

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(7 days ago) ©Beyond Barriers Association – RAISE Project 2016-2017 Page 3 of 24 ACKNOWLEGEMENTS This Training Module of Entrepreneurship contains 8 workshops and exercises prepared and tested by the participants of the Training for Trainers, which was held in Durres, Albania from 1 -9

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(1 days ago) glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge. It involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In everyday usage, the term motivation is frequently used to describe why a person does something. But the challenge in working with non-governmental organizations is how to

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“DigiDialogue in Multicultural

(5 days ago) We hope by reading this book you will learn something new and discover activities you can further use for your projects. With our warmest wishes to the readers, “DigiDialogue in Multicultural Communities” team, Armenia 2018 . 7 Team building and ice-breaking Such kind of activities as ice-breaking and team-building are very important for

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Education and learning through outdoor activities

(6 days ago) This book is devoted to all educators who work with young people, either at schools or in various organizations. The content of the book aims to popularize outdoor activities and outdoor educatia-mong educational and sport organizations. This book offers outdoor games and activi-

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