Book Layouts and Page Margins: Everything You Need to Know

For a book design with running heads and folios that are centered at the bottom of the page on a 6″ x 9″ book, try .75″ bottom margin and .5″ top margins for a start. In any case, for a 6″ x 9″ trade book, you’re going to want to end up with 30 to 35 lines per page in most cases.

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Ebook Formats: Everything Authors Need to Know

(4 days ago) An ebook format is the type of file your book is in when it goes to an online book retailer to be sold and read electronically. There is a huge range of ebook formats you could potentially use, from the very simple .TXT that is a book full of text only, to ebook formats that have hyperlinks built in, multimedia capabilities, and more to help

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The Basics of Book Design

(2 days ago) The book design templates at Book Design Templates are a wonderful resource to see the basics of great book design in practice. Authors and publishers can choose from a wide range of styles to find the one that is perfect for their book. Every book requires (and deserves) a certain degree of customization.

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How to Market a Book (23 Effective & Free Resources)

(3 days ago) Book Reviews as Book Marketing Often the first form of marketing turned to by self-publishing authors, book reviews are very persuasive to readers as the review is editorial, not promotional. Getting honest reviews of your book will help your book

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How to Sell Books From Your Website

(Just Now) Once your book is purchased directly from Ganxy, readers can download and read it on any of their devices. Ganxy handles all customer service and connectivity issues. Ganxy also lets you create free download campaigns for in-person and email promotions. You can even print custom postcards with discount codes to take with you to events.

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What Is an Index and Why Is It So Important for Your Book

(7 days ago) What is an index? If you’ve ever read a book in your life (which we hope you have) you’ve come across and used an index. The exact definition is, “an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc., with references to the places where they occur, typically found at the end of …

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Hero's Journey Examples From Beloved Stories

(3 days ago) The hero’s journey is a narrative structure popularized by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Campbell was inspired in part by Carl Jung, who believed in overarching archetypes–the mother, the father, etc. Instead of creating a new story structure, Campbell identified common beats and pieces seen in stories

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How to Plan Your Book Launch

(9 days ago) Central(Coast Writer’s(Conference(2013(Setting yourself up to have a successful book launch will promote you and your book during this all-important time in your book’s life, and will keep paying dividends for months and years to come.

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Book Design & Page Layout Software: A Guide for DIY Authors

(7 days ago) A book with many images does increase the file size, so I just make 2 or 3 PDF files to send off to the company. I find sending the files using Onedrive seems to be better than Dropbox. We all have our own way of doing it. The main thing off course is …

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Book Launch Checklist and Timeline

(1 days ago) Book Launch Checklist and Timeline The purpose of this checklist is to assemble in one place a list of many of the most common tasks authors take on when they run a book launch. No one will do all of these tasks, but having them in order and in a chronological sequence can be a power-ful help in getting yourself organized.

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110 Type Ornaments to Use in Your Book (Plus a Free

(Just Now) Using type ornaments in your book design can add a pleasing pictorial element to your typographic pages. Depending on the tone you’re trying to establish with your design, there’s likely to be a choice of ornaments that will complement the other choices you’ve made when selecting fonts and the overall design direction for the book.

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How to Make Awesome Book Trailers

(4 days ago) Good book trailers are self-contained stories in themselves that never try to substitute or stand-in for the book. That said, using effective storytelling is essential to communicate the idea that’s driving your project explicitly, even if …

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Learn About the Color of Type Pages in Book Design

(5 days ago) Examples of Type Color on the Book Page. Let’s look at some samples. These are all set on a 6″ x 9″ book page with standard margins. Here’s a generic book page with only a page number (this is a “drop folio” meaning the page number is at the bottom of the page). This sample uses the Filosofia font, an elegant oldstyle design.

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Book Disclaimers: Everything You Need to Know

(4 days ago) A book disclaimer is a simple statement, 1-3 sentences at most, in which the author declares any name changes, timeline disparities, or, in the case of a novel, that any character’s resemblance to real, living persons is just a coincidence. (Even if it’s really not!

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Self-Publishing Basics: Book Chapters and Subheads

(7 days ago) The post continues the series called the Book Construction Blueprint, providing reliable guidance to anyone taking on the construction of a book that must conform to generally-accepted practice.. Chapter Titles. Most nonfiction books are at least divided into chapters. Chapter lengths vary widely, and the goal of trying to keep chapters the same length may be …

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Book Design for Self-Publishers: Raw Materials

(6 days ago) Book Design for Self-Publishers: Raw Materials. “When you sit down to design a book, there are organizational tasks you have to address right at the beginning. Getting your raw materials organized and making sure your workflow will produce an efficient publishing process are important enough to spend some quality time on.

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Book Profit Calculator

(5 days ago) Book Profit Calculator. Writing a book is like building an automated salesperson that goes to work for you, your brand, or your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Use the book profit calculator below to calculate the potential income a book will add for you. Remember, you’re only one book away from changing the rest of your life.

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Canva Versus Book Brush

(4 days ago) You can start with a pre-made template (just add your book cover and text) or you can start from scratch. This is the one part of Book Brush that comes closest to being a direct competitor to Canva, albeit one with a strong focus on promoting your book. You even have the option of designing a graphic with custom dimensions. Final Word

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Don't Confuse a Book Endorsement With a Review

(7 days ago) A book endorsement is advance praise for your book from someone who influences your book’s target audience. The publishing industry refers to this as a “blurb,” while marketers call it a “testimonial.” You pursue and secure endorsements before you (or your publisher) release the book so you can include them on your: Front or back cover

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Book Design to Sell: 5 Book Interior Page Layout Mistakes

(6 days ago) Book Design to Sell: 5 Book Interior Page Layout Mistakes to Avoid. Ed: This article is an excerpt from a teleseminar I recorded with Laura Cross, who helps educate authors about the publishing process. In this excerpt, we talk about the importance of book interior page layout. Laura: Now book interior page layout is another important element

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The 20 Best Audiobooks on Spotify (And How to Listen)

(7 days ago) Where the book is listed on the playlist, look on the right hand side for three little dots. Click on them, then click on ‘go to artist.’ This will take you to the artist’s page, where you’ll be able to view all of the works that person has uploaded. Finding books directly .

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Book Design: Chapter Openers and Part Openers

(1 days ago) Book covers are in many ways the opposite of book interiors: designed to attract attention and basically say, “Look at me! Look at me!” in the way that readers of such books recognize. Text pages, on the other hand, seek to get out of the way of the communication between author and reader. Interior book design is self-effacing by its nature.

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Self-Publishing Basics: The Elements of the Book Page

(6 days ago) Self-Publishing Basics: The Elements of the Book Page. The post continues the Book Construction Blueprint, a series of posts providing reliable guidance to anyone taking on the construction of a book that must conform to generally-accepted practice. We’ve already looked at the parts of a book, book pagination, the copyright page, the use of

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Free Book Jacket Layout Template for DIY Self-Publishers

(7 days ago) For instance, the width of the spine is determined by the bulking of the specific paper used for printing your book. This is expressed as pages-per-inch. A typical book paper is 400 pages per inch. This paper would create a spine width of 1.0″ for a 400 page book.

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What is a Preface

(8 days ago) A book’s preface is intended for the reader. It should offer them context and encourage them to read on and discover what the full book contains. A book’s acknowledgment section, on the other hand, is intended for anyone the author is grateful for and wishes to formally thank in the book. This is often a mix of people professionally

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Book Marketing: Your Online Press Kit

(7 days ago) When you’re launching and marketing your book it can be essential to get attention from the media. It may be big media, niche market media, trade magazines, book reviewers, book bloggers, talent bookers or any number of other representatives of print, electronic, or broadcast media.

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Lightning Source Book Cover Templates for DIY Self-Publishers

(2 days ago) Lightning Source, Inc., the print on demand supplier that’s a division of Ingram Book Company, is arguably the biggest supplier of digital books to the publishing trade.They are used by many traditional publishers, and by competitive self-publishers who want to make use of Ingram’s distribution channels.. One of the really neat features of their otherwise routine and …

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Book Design to Sell Audio Recording

(4 days ago) “My first book, The Book of Palms, just won the IPBA Benjamin Franklin “Book of the Year Awards” Silver Medal for 2011. Without Joel’s help my book would never have been published. Thank you Joel!”—Tom Millea, Carmel CA

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Book Publishing: Are You Keeping Up

(2 days ago) The book chapters are a manageable 10 aspects of modern book publishing. Here is a main trend and some key practical adjustments to keep in mind for each chapter. 1. How Traditional Publishing Worked (and Sometimes Still Works)

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Book Design: 6 Variations on Drop-Cap Typography

(8 days ago) The tradition in book design of making the first letter in a paragraph larger than the rest of the type goes back pretty far. In fact, it predates printing entirely. This practice started with scribes. When writing out books, they would sometimes treat these first letters as an opportunity for embellishment.

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Samples of 2-Column Book Layout

(2 days ago) Examples of 2-Column Book Layouts. Before we get started, here’s an example of the original 2-column book layout. Yes, it’s the very first book of all printed with moveable type, the Gutenberg Bible. The Gutenberg Bible, printed in the 1450s

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Audiobooks on LibriVox: Are They Any Good

(Just Now) The new Michael Hyatt book, Bob Goff’s latest release, or any other author who releases a new book is not available through LibriVox. LibriVox’s resources and partners consist of most texts being obtained “from Project Gutenberg, and …

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Authors: Do You Have the Perfect Pitch

(8 days ago) The authors get the book sales and pay me $25 to participate to cover some of the food costs. I view it as a book marketing coop … one of the strings attached to being a featured author is not only paying for the slot but also committing to bring at least four guests there as well.

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